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The Doc and the Duchess: The Life and Legacy of George H. A. Clowes  celebrates the lives of George H.A. Clowes, who played an important role in the development of insulin, and of his wife, Edith.

Born in Victorian England, “Alec” Clowes started his life in research in Buffalo, New York, where, in the early 1900s, he met and married Edith Whitehill Hinkel. He held leadership roles at the Eli Lilly Company in Indianapolis, at the University of Toronto, and in Woods Hole. It was in Woods Hole that Alec and Edith picked up their sobriquets, the Doc and the Duchess.

The book follows the couple through the first half of the twentieth century, through the growth of their family and the beginnings of their enduring interest in philanthropy. Through letters, photos, and remembrances, the author has created for us a portrait of a man who was a “a man of science for all seasons.

The book was written by his George’s now-deceased grandson, Alexander W. Clowes.

 Speaker: Susan Detweiler