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Creations based on horseshoe crab shells have started to pour back into the Woods Hole Public Library, transformed from simple dry brown molts into glorious pieces of art. The clever, inventive pieces are a delight to behold. Whimsical characters abound, created by artists of all ages. They are the core of a growing collection of art which will be on display until Saturday, July 27 when they will all be auctioned off as part of the annual Community Art Project which raises funds for Library projects.

There are still a few “naked” shells at the Library for people to pick up so they can participate in the art event. (A note to nature lovers: this project is possible because horse shoe crabs shed their shell as they grow, providing us with ready raw material. Female horseshoe crabs are said to molt 17 times before they reach maturity, which means there are a lot of empty shells washing ashore).  All the items need to be back in the Library by Monday, July 22 when the Art Show will be officially opened for the week. The crabs will be for sale in a silent auction; each item will have its own bid sheet on which people can place their sequentially higher bids in an attempt to win the crab of their choice.

The date for final bidding is the day of a celebratory party which will be held on Saturday, July 27 from 5:30 PM to 7 PM. All artists, bidders, and Library regulars are invited. At the end of the party the highest bidders may take possession of their new piece of art and proudly carry it home.

“Green-Eyed Monster” by Doris Epstein

“The Silver Scorpion” by David Earhart