Event Details


 The show which will appeal to all ages.  

Admission is $15.  Tickets may be purchased at Eight Cousins, the Bank of Woods Hole, on-line, and at the Library. Doors will open at 7:00pm for the 7:30 concert.

All proceeds benefit the Library.  

About the group:

Folk duo Hungrytown, Rebecca Hall and Ken Anderson met in New York City, where they had already been performing regularly–Hall as a jazz singer, and Anderson as a drummer for a variety of garage bands. Their introduction to folk music came later, when a close friend entrusted to them her collection of 1960s folk albums and her guitar. Inspired by the grit and true-to-life experiences she heard in these traditional ballads, Hall was inspired to write the lyrics that later became her first songs, aided by Anderson’s flair for musical arrangement. Soon afterwards, Hall released two solo albums, Sings! (1999) and Sunday Afternoon (2002), both produced by Anderson. In the winter of 2003, the duo quit their boring desk jobs, moved to the green hills of Vermont, and decided to pursue a full-time career as touring musicians. “In addition to their superb performances (she has an attractive pure voiced alto, he’s an accomplished multi-instrumentalist) and the fluidity of their melodies, is that they pull off the trick of sounding both like traditional English folkies and old school Appalachians, often at the same time.”

-NetRhythms (UK)