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New date! March 13!

The Woods Hole Public Library will be holding its popular Fabric and Fiber Sale on Sunday, March 13, from 10-2.

The background to this event is tied to Falmouth’s recent history and the now non-existent store, The Fabric Corner. That shop, Falmouth’s only fabric store, held a big sale every Super Bowl Sunday, inviting women whose family members were glued to the football game on the TV, giving the family a chance to delight noisily in the game and the women a chance to plan sewing projects. After the store burned down, the Woods Hole Library picked up the idea of continuing the sale, selling donated fabric and yarn for extremely low prices, all on one day in the winter. To tie the event even closer to the Fabric Corner’s history, the Library always holds the sale on Super Bowl Sunday, continuing the tradition of providing an escape from the roaring TV. People have always flocked in, resupplying for winter sewing and knitting projects.

Last year the sale was not held because of COVID restrictions. This year the sale will be held with a new COVID-related twist: instead of being held in only the two rooms on the lower floor, this year it will be held throughout the Library, both floors, so that people can spread out and not be too close. In preparation, books and displays will be cleared from tables in the reading rooms, as all surfaces will be made available for displaying fabric and yarn. The plan includes the COVID protocol requiring masks on all participants, and the number of people in each room limited. People should wear warm coats as doors will be open and air filters running.

Volunteers are busy, carefully measuring and labeling each piece of fabric, but it’s not too late to contribute yarn and cloth from private collections. Donations will be accepted through the Wednesday before the sale, March 9 until 5 PM.

For more information, call the Library at 508-548-8961 or email whpl_mail@clamsnet.org.

It is recommended that people check the Library website in the week of the sale to be sure that the event hasn’t been cancelled at the last minute due to the COVID situation. Fingers crossed!