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Calliope, Falmouth’s poetry group, returns to the Woods Hole Public Library on Saturday, March 14 at 3 PM to show the film Even Though the Whole World is Burning about the life and work of  W.S. Merwin. He has won almost every major poetry prize that exists, including two Pulitzers, as well as being named Poet Laureate. His legacy is based not only upon his writings, but also his environmental activism and land stewardship.

Merwin, who died just a year ago, dedicated over three decades to preserving and regenerating native plants and palms on a 19-‐acre site on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii. Called the Merwin Conservancy, the preserve holds the most comprehensive private collection of palms in the world, with over 400 species. 

In partnership with director Stefan Schaefer and producer William Cole, The Merwin Conservancy is proud to have been a part of the production of this film, released in 2014.

Merwin’s actions for the environment go hand-‐in-‐hand with his poetry, offering important insights for an era marked by environmental degradation, human disconnect with natural processes, and rapid climate change. Even Though the Whole World is Burning will appeal to several groups – poetry aficionados, environmentalists, Buddhists, those with a connection to Hawaii – and also to wider audiences who will experience Merwin as a “wise man” brimming with insight, humor, inspiring daily practice, and a refreshing sense of the relevance of poetry in our lives today.