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Craig Dickson, who has retired from a career serving aboard oceanographic vessels, will present a program titled “Island Architecture” at the Woods Hole Public Library on Wednesday, March 25, at 3 PM. He will talk about his time afloat, and show many of his fine photographs, providing a travelogue of his journeys.

After consulting all the log books of the trips he was on, Mr. Dickson calculates that in his 34 year career, he set off on 407 cruises of varying lengths, from a few hours to 48 days. The Woods Hole Oceanographic vessels he sailed aboard are Atlantis, Lulu, Atlantis II, Oceanus, and the Knorr. In his earlier years, he served as a seaman, eventually sailing as an officer on the Atlantis, Atlantis II, Oceanus, and the Knorr.

His talk will touch on the science that was done on the cruises, as well as the discoveries, including the Titanic expedition and Jason Jr. His main focus in this talk will be the architecture of the homes on the islands around the Atlantic where his ships made ports of calls. He was especially intrigued with the houses of Iceland in the north, and in the south, the Azores and Bermuda.