Event Details

Terry Rioux and his wife Maggie will recount their recent trip to the Panama Canal, while showing stunning photographs, taken as they traveled across the country, twice, first on the railroad, which was built originally in 1850, and then by boat as they locked through the canal. 

As always with the Rioux’s presentation, the audience will be swept up into the delight of the trip with lots of details of the history of the canal and country, as well as the technology and engineering of the canal itself.  As he says “After studying the Panama Canal all those years in grade school, actually going there was kind of like meeting a Hollywood star!”  His enthusiasm is infectious, even for those native animals which he saw but wasn’t able to photograph, like the Blue Morph butterfly, and the Coatimundi, cousin of the raccoon. He will also solve the riddle as to how one can travel from the Atlantic to the Pacific by moving north to south.

Admission is free and open to the public. For more information, call the Library at 508-548- 8961.