The Woods Hole Public Library is celebrating birds this month, coinciding with this year’s Great Backyard Bird Count (held Feb. 12-15.) Craft kits to create your own simple bird feeder will be available to pick up from the Library, and while you’re here, you can also get a copy of our next scavenger hunt. The first Great Woods Hole Library Bird Count will take place Saturday, February 13, to Sunday, February 28. People from all over the world head to Woods Hole to find these rare Library Birds.

There are 14 Library Birds to find. Two are at the Library to help you with identification and twelve are along the four streets bordering Eel Pond: School Street, Millfield Street, Albatross Street, and Water Street. The birds are perched on branches and bushes. Your challenge is to find as many as you can, submit your findings to the Library, and you will be entered to win a prize!