The Listening at the Library concert series was established in 2013 to bring talented musicians to Woods Hole. We are excited that artists from outside our area are reaching out to us, proposing concerts when they are on tour in New England.

For years we depended on the generosity of the performers, offering only the most modest compensation to our musicians. As we invite more professional performers from the greater Falmouth community as well as from afar, we recognize that it is only proper to honor their artistry by compensating our musicians appropriately.

We hope you will consider giving your financial support to our Listening at the Library concert series. Your underwriting ensures its continuing success by allowing us to offer respectable compensation to our performers while enabling us to dedicate all ticket proceeds to the Library’s operating budget.

Please take this opportunity to show your enthusiasm for fine music at the Library in Woods Hole by selecting a sponsorship level. Please note that our different sponsorship levels offer benefits to the underwriter.

– Woods Hole Public Library Board of Trustees