We are excited to launch a fun, freeform community embroidery project this winter that we’re calling Pen Pal Embroidery. Library Trustee Diane Smith devised this project after starting a similar endeavor with one of her friends. She says, “Inspired by the Instagram page The Wondermakers, a friend and I started sharing a free form embroidery project.  Working with felt as a base and a 6” embroidery hoop we took turns adding to the piece until we were satisfied it was complete. Materials included traditional embroidery floss, yarn, scraps of felt, seed beads, and sequins and it can be as varied or not as your own taste and imagination dictate. Layering or applique was a fun way to keep a hoop going, as were additions of unexpected colors which might change the whole mood of a hoop. We ended up having a few going at once and would mail them back and forth to each other. Documenting the stages between swaps with photographs made for a fun album of colorful progressions of the individual hoops.”

Kits with everything you need to get started on this project are now available to pick up at the Library. Partner up with a friend and take turns adding to your canvas, documenting the stages between shares with photos. Add your own touch with fabric, yarn, buttons, or anything that suits. When you feel like you’re done for the moment, either pass it on to your partner or bring your project back to the Library for a new person to pick up. You are welcome to include a note if you’d like. Remember to have fun!