Founded in 1910, the Woods Hole Public Library has maintained records pertaining to generations of participants, its directors, librarians, staff, board members, volunteers, and patrons since it took over from the fledgling Woods Hole Social Library, established in 1873. These archives include meeting minutes, annual letters, by-laws, financial records, and materials related to its diverse programs, performances, and exhibitions. Throughout its history, individuals have carefully gathered and preserved these documents; however, in recent years the Woods Hole Historical Museum has become the primary repository, making it possible, in part, for Vicky Cullen to write her celebrated history of the Library in 2008.

As steward of the community’s past, the Museum is currently working on a third volume in its beloved cookbook series Woods Hole Cooks Something Up, first published in 1975, again in 2002, and now forthcoming in 2024. Contained within the pages of this edition will be recipes for delicious foods submitted by you—our family, friends, and neighbors! In addition to featuring some old-time favorites, this publication will be twenty-first century in spirit, offering a range of submissions reflecting our diverse, inclusive eating habits, including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-and dairy-free options. It also will bring recognition to the Museum’s archives, including the Library’s papers, by celebrating text and images drawn from this growing repository of historical records and photographs. 

Please help us to make this effort a reality by visiting the Museum’s website at where you can learn more about the cookbook, submit your favorite recipes, donate to support the publication, and join the Museum as a community member, or download the attached forms. With your help, we will ensure that our beloved Woods Hole Public Library’s past is preserved for future generations to study and appreciate!


The Cookbook Committee for the Woods Hole Historical Museum

Mary Jo Benjamin

Kathy Denham

Arlene Lowenstein

Margaret McCormick

Charlotte Emans Moore, chair

Pamela Rothstein

Debbie Scanlon

P.K. Simonds

Photo: Lobster Bake, ca 1960, Dottie Crossley, photographer, estate of the photographer