The Woods Hole Public Library is embarking on a new community-building project this winter: Woods Hole Words. We have community journals on a variety of topics for patrons to check out from the library, add your words or artwork, and then return to the Library to be checked out by someone else. Topics include books, movies and TV shows, recipes and kitchen lore, nature, and life stories. During this time when we cannot safely gather to share our stories, thoughts, and questions, these journals will not only give people a chance to collaborate and share, but they will also serve to mark this unique moment in time. Once the journals are filled, the Library will add them to the collection for all to read and enjoy.
Community members of all ages are encouraged to stop by the Library and check out a journal. You never know, you just might discover your new favorite book, poem, or recipe after reading the words of your neighbors! While each journal is organized around a topic, we encourage our journal writers to be as creative as they want to be. For example, the journal about books does not just need to include a review of a recently read book. You can choose to share a story about a book you read 20 years ago, or draw a picture of a favorite character or scene. In the journal about life stories, you may choose to share an anecdote about a recent small act of kindness, or even an epic tale about an adventure you have had.
We hope this project will help bring our community together in one small way, and we cannot wait to read every Woods Hole word!