Woods Hole Public Library Quilt Project

The Woods Hole quilt is a communal work of art created by friends of the Woods Hole Public Library as a gift to the Library and the community, as well as a fund-raiser for the Library. A Library image in the center of the quilt is surrounded by renderings of the post office, Community Hall, WHOI’s Bigelow Laboratory cupola, Taft’s Playground, MBL’s Candle House, Bradley House, the Woods Hole School, the bell tower, Nobska Lighthouse, a Spritsail, a harbor seal, and two biological illustrations. About twenty artists and quilters worked on the quilt in 2006 and 2007, and it was hung in the Library stairwell in early 2008.

Notecards depicting high-quality images of each quilt square are available for sale in the library. The cards are printed on white card stock and are 5.5” high and 4.5” wide. A postcard of the same size displays the entire quilt.

These cards make wonderful thank you notes and invitations. The complete set makes a nice gift! Profits from the sales support the library.


Borders, Quilting and Finishing:
Salley Mavor Vicky Cullen Tom Kleindinst
Terry McKee Ann Edwards Poster Graphics:
  Shirley Farrington Jim Canavan
Helen Koehler Frame:
Terry McKee Salley Mavor Keith von der Heydt
  Terry McKee  



quilt_settingborders_s quilt_firstlook_s