Community Art Project

HUGE thanks to everyone who helped to make our Community Art Project a smashing success! Not only did we raise funds for our beloved Library, we all had fun both creating and admiring the creative submissions from our community members!

During past summers, the Library has sponsored a community art project. Patrons of all ages have been invited to create a work of art, working separately and using a common medium. Last year we featured horseshoe crab shells. In previous years discarded books, retired chairs from the Fishmonger Restaurant, and outdated nautical charts have stimulated our participants’ imagination and creativity, with amazing and amusing results.  

This year’s Community Art Project used materials near and dear to our librarians’ hearts – cards from our now decommissioned card catalog! As usual, our creative community has risen to the occasion and created a vast array of amazing art works from the cards.

The online auction ran from July 25 – August 8, 2020. 


View the full gallery of Community Art Project submissions below. Click on images to enlarge.