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Glynnis Fawkes, author, illustrator and frequent visitor to Woods Hole will give a talk at the Woods Hole Public Library on Monday, December 30, at 7:30 PM on her newest graphic biography, “Charlotte Bronte Before Jane Eyre”.

The book, which is the latest publication from the Center for Cartoon Studies, tells the story of Bronte’s life on the Yorkshire moors to the age of 31 when she submitted the manuscript for her first novel to the publisher. The New York Times describes the book as  a “textured retelling of the story, …an emotionally nuanced and visually stunning biography, illustrated in deft pencil strokes colored with moody shades of blue.”

Glynnis has carefully researched her subject, and includes many details she has learned from Charlotte’s letters and diaries. She includes Charlotte’s own words throughout the text, along with specific happenings from her life. For avid Bronte followers, Glynnis has included end-notes listing the sources of each section. Although the book is being marketed to the teenage audience, it certainly will appeal to adults, especially Bronte fans.

Besides this book, Glynnis has created several other graphic works, several of which are biographical, including one from a winter she and her husband (whose mother lives here) spent in Woods Hole. Her line drawings catch the place and the emotions of her characters very  clearly and vibrantly. Readers may recognize her style from her cartoons which have been printed in the New Yorker, another source of pride for her family and friends and Librarians.

This event is open to the public and is offered free of charge.