Event Details

The Woods Hole Public Library has two new additions to their “Library of Things.” This collection contains a diverse array of useful items, from soil block makers, to a ukulele, to sewing machines, all available for loan.

This will be a demonstration and tasting to celebrate and introduce the most recent addition, a Lee Flour Mill, which turns grain to fresh-milled flour. The mill is a very unusual model, as its propulsion “throws” the grain against the grinding stone.

Heidi Sosik of Sippewissett, who has been grinding grain to make fresh flour for years, has been invited in to demonstrate. She is one of many people who savor the flavor of freshly ground flour, believing it to be much more flavorful and wholesome than flour that has been ground, bagged, and has sat on store shelves for months before it is used. The public is invited to this event, which is free.

The other new addition to the “Library of Things” is a serger, also a gift to the Library. Serging is a time-honored way of finishing the edges of cloth so that they do not ravel, but most people can afford neither the cost nor the space to own their own serger. Now they will be able to borrow one from the Library.

Borrowers should note that, unlike books, they must actually come into the Woods Hole Library to borrow items. They cannot have them delivered to their home library using the Library delivery service, which is only set up to transport books and discs between libraries. It is recommended that potential borrowers telephone first to be sure the item they want is at the Library.

For more information, call the Library at 508-548-8961.