Event Details

Josh Leveque, Woods Hole gardener and horticulturalist, along with Becky Lash, naturalist and entomology teacher, will give a talk about native pollinators at the Woods Hole Public Library. Recent studies have shown how important a role native pollinators play in fertilizing fruits and vegetables, especially important in light of the recent plummet in honeybee populations. There is a nation-wide movement to encourage these native pollinators to our gardens by planting specific flowers to attract them.

The natives are often very small insects that we don’t even notice. Josh and Becky will change that situation as they shows images of these insects and tell how to identify them as they work around our gardens. Most of all, they will tell how important they are, and teach appreciation of them.

As part of his interest in native pollinators and concern for honeybees, Josh has started a project at Falmouth Academy where he is a staff member, in which the students are growing daisies and daylilies. These two flowers, as well as many others which Josh will talk about, are known to attract pollinators to the garden.

This talk is free and open to the public. It will be held in the Library’s lower level meeting room which can be entered by an easily accessible handicapped doorway. The Library is at 581 Woods Hole Road. For more information, either call the Library at 508-548-8961.