Event Details

thornton-burgessThe Woods Hole Public Library welcomes Mary Beers of the Thornton Burgess Society. She will read Burgess’s story “Spotty Turtle Wins the Race”, one of the tales from Old Mother West Wind. She will also bring a live painted turtle to teach the children in the audience more details about turtles’ natural history. This program is focused on children aged 4 and up!

As faithful readers of the Burgess stories know, no matter how many years ago they first read and learned, Burgess based his stories on the real traits of his animal characters. For instance, his character Sammy Jay is always Thornton Burgess Society-Peter-logomaking a racket and announcing newcomers to the neighborhood, just as real jays do. This presentation pairing the story and real live animal would certainly have delighted Thornton Burgess himself! And of course the painted turtle, our most colorful and lively native turtle will delight the audience.

As a very special treat for young audience members, the Library will be giving away Burgess books which have come to the Library as gifts, but cannot be included in the Library’s collection due to space issues or duplication.