Event Details

The Woods Hole Public Library is honored to be the recipient of the generosity of local artisans; five of them have again donated their work to the Library for a fund-raising raffle. For more than a decade, these people, who are regular Library users, have supported the Library in this way.

Up until this year, the raffle has always been billed as “Pottery by our favorite local potters: Tessa Morgan, Ann Newbury, Anne Halpin, Hollis Engley, and Ron Geering.” However, Ron Geering, who has won national awards for his pottery, has moved on to other interests, most recently wood carving, and this time has donated an example of his new work to this year’s raffle. It is a “Gammi Stickalaus”, a creature made of twigs, standing about 15” tall, and exuding Ron’s vibrant imagination and fascination with tales of sprites and other mythical beings from the woodland.

The other raffle items are all beautiful works of art in clay: Tessa’s Large shallow bowl decorated with sunflowers and hens; Anne’s muted green serving bowl with an incised band near the rim; and Ann’s set of six soup bowls in a shiny glaze highlighting her masterful smooth surface and gray tones.

The pieces are on exhibit at the Library (and will also be represented at Woods Hole’s Renaissance Fair at the Woods Hole Community Hall) through December 6, when the drawing will be held and the winners announced. Interested people may come into the Library before then to see the items, any time the Library is open, which includes all late afternoons (except Sunday) till 5:30 PM.

Tickets are $2 each or $5 for 3 tickets. For more information, call the Library at 508-548-8961