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Beth Colt will be the speaker at the Woods Hole Public Library’s annual meeting on Tuesday, July 8. A short business meeting will start at 8 pm, in which there will be annual reports read and accepted, and new Board members elected. The speaker will follow, focusing on the business community of Woods Hole, both past and present.

Beth’s ties to the village go back a long way. From early childhood, Woods Hole was the departure point for yearly family vacations on nearby Naushon Island. She and her husband, P.K. Simonds, spent 18 years in Los Angeles before they felt the irresistible pull of family, friends, and roots back in New England. They wanted their boys to see their grandparents and cousins more often. A decision to move ‘back East’ was made, fueled also by the attraction of high quality schools in the area.

Since then Beth has successfully resuscitated the Woods Hole Inn and established the Quicks Hole Taqueria after buying the building in 2008. She has recently purchased and breathed new life into the iconic Leeside bar and restaurant, reincarnated now as Quicks Hole Tavern.

In her straight forward and dedicated fashion, Beth now serves as Chairman of the Board of Falmouth Academy, further strengthening her ties to the community. Quite naturally, she has also become active in the Woods Hole Business Association. For more details, call the Library at 508-548-8961.