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This event finished on 11 August 2023

This summer, Woods Hole Public Library offers something new: Time machines.
Simple machines of paper and ink, imagination and analysis, every two weeks our basement will be transformed into a pocket of the future for all who sign up. In other words, join us at the Library this summer for a science fiction discussion group, geared toward readers ages 12-25. Each meeting, you’ll hear a vivid reading of strange and challenging portrait of tomorrow from some of our most far-seeing writers; discuss and debate what it means; and leave with concepts for explorations, discoveries, and further reading in the present — as well as a full belly, courtesy of the library’s snack budget! Most people have to wait decades for their future to arrive; come, peer over the horizon of time with us — every other Friday at 4:00 PM. Please let us know you plan to come by registering via email (whpl_mail@clamsnet.org) or phone (508-548-8961).
There is no need to do any reading ahead of time. Each story will be read aloud and then discussed. Just bring yourself! The schedule is as follows:
30 June — Star, Bright 
In which we meet an adventuresome and bright girl named Star — and discover how powerful brightness can be!
14 July — Someday
Two teens, a dull afternoon, and an app that writes stories: Not much to note. Until there is . . .  
28 July — Invasion Report
Even in the future, role-playing games are still good fun; their consequences, though, may prove terrifying 
11 August — Nine Billion Names of God 
Buddhism and quantum computing have little in common . . . and perhaps it’s best they stay that way 
25 August — The Third Level 
Getting lost alone in a train station is a nightmare; unless, it’s a different type of dream entirely