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Dunya Dianne McPherson, who grew up in Woods Hole, will speak about her new book and the healing movement system, Dancemeditation, which she has founded.

When Dianne was young, she studied dance with Klara Koenig, beloved of so many generations of Falmouth’s  dancing children.

Dunya’s passion for dance took her from her small seaside town in 1972 to the Juilliard School in the heart of NYC’s vibrant, edgy art scene. When a serious injury derailed her burgeoning ballet career ten years later, she sought ways to heal her body and revise her future. Retreat in a monastic mountaintop community directed by a charismatic Iraqi Sufi Master proved to be a sojourn that ultimately led her to the development of Dancemeditation.

She is now a practicing Sufi and Master Meditation Teacher and holds a BFA in Dance from the Juilliard, and an MA in Writing from Lesley University. A critically acclaimed dancer and NEA Choreography Fellow, she has taught on numerous university faculties, as well as at Kripalu Center, Netherlands Mystic Festival, and at conferences in South & Central America and Europe. 

Her new book Skin of Glass: Finding Spirit in the Flesh is a spiritual memoir, in which her “rich account of life in the body takes dance beyond performance into the dynamic realm where the physical, emotional and spiritual powerfully intertwine.”

Her readers say “Dunya’s brave book launches a new genre of writing from the body, part memoir, prose poem, erotic journey, mystical discourse and cultural commentary. It is edgy and exquisite, evanescent and eternal, an account of a woman’ search for a unified self where body and mind, spirit and soul coalesce.”   “Dunya does a beautiful job of translating the language of the body into a written form. This is a moving book to read, and one that may likely make you want to move.”

This event is free and open to the public.