Event Details

Kristin_AlexanderLocal film-maker Kristin Alexander will give a presentation featuring water restoration methods developed by Dr. John Todd of Falmouth, one of the founders of the New Alchemy Institute who has since developed new methods of water purification. He will give a presentation about his newest invention: the Ocean Ark

Dr. Todd is currently working on the design and development of living technologies for the cleaning up of fresh waters and inshore marine environments. These include a Net Positive solar and wind work vessel, the Tesla-of-the-Sea project. He is co-designing the Ocean Ark, a ship to clean up inshore oceanic waters. He is also developing a Coral Reef Restorer and Protector, a large scale living technology for threatened reefs.

Kristin Alexander will screen 2 short films: “Green Eco-Machine” showing Dr. Todd’s earlier water restoration work using a natural process. “Green Eco-Machine” was well-received on the festival circuit, where it won an award for most creative use of cinema to highlight environmental innovators. The film was screened from
Woods Hole to the Caribbean, Italy and India. A shorter version of the film was invited as an installation at the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt museum in NYC.

“The Grafton Project” was filmed by Kristin Alexander and Daniel Cojanu, another filmmaker living in Woods Hole. The film shows the restoration of the Blackstone River corridor in Grafton MA, where polluted water from the old mill goes through a natural restoration process designed by Dr. Todd: the Restorer, and then through the Eco-Machine, across mycelia and back into the river as clean water.

At the end of the films, Dr. Todd himself will speak. The event should last about one hour. For more information, call the Library at 508-548-8961.