Event Details

TravelTalk-Mar9-CubaThe couple had the opportunity to join a tour of Cuba led by the Marine Biological Laboratory in March of 2014. They visited the capital city of Havana and also traveled around some of the countryside outside the city. During their stay in Havana they wandered the streets of the Spanish-style old city photographing the people they encountered and the architecture of the buildings. Mr. Goldsborough commented that “Havana is a city with a lively and engaging population, yet the pace of life is slow and peaceful, where the traffic is orderly.” It is a city where life overflows into the streets with children playing on the road while adults gather on doorsteps to talk with neighbors.

The photo talk will highlight the people of Havana and the look and feel of the city and show some of the art that is very important to their society. It will also show what may be the future of Cuba, with a visit to one of the many all-inclusive resorts that are being built among the mangrove swamps along the north shore of the island.