Event Details

tagsaleThe Woods Hole Public Library’s annual Tag Sale and Carnival for Kids will be held on Saturday morning, July 9 from 10 AM to noon. This event is, as usual, run by and for kids.

The “Library Kids” look forward to running this event which is filled with old fashioned games and timeless pleasure. Their parents are delighted that the kids are learning both organization and community service while having fun. Proceeds go towards Library programming for kids.

Items for the Tag Sale may be dropped off in the late afternoon in the week preceding the sale, July 5-9, during Library open hours, which always include 3 to 5:30 PM.

For more information, call the Library at 508-548-8961.


Seeking bike donations

The Woods Hole Public Library is looking for bike donations for this event. For the last five years, there has been a bicycle component to the day, thanks to Woods Hole summer resident and volunteer Josh Olins, who fixes up all the gift bikes he deems worthy. He not only takes bikes home ahead of time to fix, but he also sets up a repair stand at the Library to adjust and “fit” the bikes to the purchasers. All sizes of bikes are welcome, but kid-size bikes are the preference. It has become a tradition for families to come to the Library to equip their family with summer bikes.

Obviously, bikes do not need to be in excellent condition for the Library to accept them, but they must be in working order, with only minimal repairs necessary to get the bikes safely on the road.

All the proceeds from the bike sale will go towards children’s programming at the Library. Bikes may be dropped during open hours in the weeks before the tag sale.