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The Woods Hole Public Library will be hosting “Patron Appreciation Week” during regular open hours from March 5-9.

Patron Appreciation Week is an opportunity for the Library to thank all of its patrons and to raise awareness of the library’s status as an independent public library, meaning that most of the funding comes from donations from individual members. 11% of the Library’s budget comes directly from the Town of Falmouth, with approximately 46% of the Library’s annual operating budget coming from donations from individuals. Much like public radio, users of the library are not required to donate in order to take advantage of the many services provided, but those who feel called to help support the Library’s mission may do so by contributing annual dues.

Every day during the week the Library will not only shower their patrons with thanks, but will also offer them soup, bread, hot beverages, and fruit throughout their open hours. The Library Board and staff are happy to offer this opportunity, just as they are happy to offer full library services to all, everyday.