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Clare Rosenfield, LCSW, is an artist, poet, writer, harpist, former French teacher, retired social worker, and teacher of meditation. She also has a long connection to Woods Hole and will be speaking and reading from her poems at the Woods Hole Public Library.

A Smith College graduate cum laude, Clare received an M.A. in French and later an M.S. in Social Work from Columbia University. She taught French in Boston, Lagos, Bangkok, and New York before working as a holistic social worker, creating a therapy called Contact Healing. From 2005 to 2008, she studied in a program to play the harp for end-of-life care which enabled her to help her late husband, Dr. Allan Rosenfield, fall asleep each night in the last two years of his life. Dr. Rosenfield who was Dean of the Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University Medical Center, for twenty-two years, also loved Woods Hole.

Over the last thirty years, Clare has both illustrated and written eight poetry collections: Seasonals, dance upon the winds swept cloudless, Roll On Great Earth, The Call of Mother Earth How a Being of Light Draws Forth Humanity’s Response:, Tall Grasses of Woods Hole & Other Summery Poems, Nameless One of Splendor: Her Sacred Arts of Creation, Ninsun: Wise Mother of Gilgamesh, and Your Inmost Tree of Life: An Invitation.  She is presently at work on completing three or four children’s stories and turning them into audio books and e-books as well. She wants to reach children as the hope for the future.

Recently, Clare finds “raps” emerging from her dismay over the political situation in our country and the world. Her six grandchildren call her the “Nana who raps instead of naps!”

As a member of the Poetry Caravan in Westchester County, NY, she reads her own and others’ poetry in nursing homes locally. She has also made three YouTubes: “My Secret to Reducing Anxiety and Preventing Panic,” “Trusting that Love is at the Heart of Reality, even beyond Death,” and “The Safety Net.”

Some of her poems have been published in Art Times, Magazine Eureka Literary, Red Rock Review, and West Wind Review. While living in Thailand, she co-authored Ten Lives of the Buddha: Siamese Temple Paintings and Jataka Tales.

Drawing upon forty-seven years of experience integrating therapeutic and spiritual approaches from East and West, Clare shares her deep love and care for the planet and all of life in her poetry, essays, meditation classes, leadership of the non-profit Global Healing Foundation, and philanthropy toward non-profits focused on human and women’s rights, world peace, and respect for the earth and nature in every way, including integrative organic permaculture.

 This event is free and open to the public.