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The Woods Hole Public Library will re-institute their Travel Talks with a program presented by veteran traveler and speaker Maggie Rioux. She and her husband Terry have given many talks at the Library about their frequent world-wide trips. Both are retired from WHOI, she from the library, and he as dive officer. 

This time she will be recounting their trip to Australia with Road Scholar in 2019; this is the first time, post-pandemic they have been able to appear in front of a live audience. The trip was called “Australia at a Slower Pace: An Odyssey Down Under.” The trip, which lasted slightly over two weeks, took them to the major cities of Sydney and Melbourne but also to Alice Springs and Cairns and from there to the Great Barrier Reef. Along the way they were introduced to many of Australia’s famous indigenous animals: koalas, penguins, emus, kangaroos, wallabies, and flying foxes, among others. Maggie says “We met lots of  interesting people too and ate interesting things.”