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The Woods Hole Public Library, after a successful viewing of the striking film “Picture a Scientist” will be showing another documentary from the same film company, Roco Films. This time the film is “Seeding Change, the Power of Conscious Commerce” which will be released on Earth Day, April 21, 2021. This powerful and persuasive film discusses the worldwide condition of hunger, climate change, and the need for changes in agriculture and consumerism.

Basically the film shows that the most important environmental step we can take on a daily basis is to buy responsibly, that everyone should consider their buying habits an environmental act. In the end, the film’s message is hopeful because it shows that we can all make a difference by encouraging sustainable agriculture and fair trade around the globe.

Twenty years ago, a young group of social entrepreneurs joined a movement to change the world through the pursuit of an alternative economic model and practice of conscious commerce. Seeding Change is about “triple bottom line” businesses that consider the social, environmental and financial impacts of their companies and address some of today’s most challenging issues. This documentary, which has won numerous awards at festivals world-wide, empowers viewers to be part of the solution by voting with their dollars and supporting the brands and products that align with their values. 

As part of the film’s mission, it states “We know that we, as consumers, have the power. When we buy from and support companies and products that align with our values then we are voting for that type of business to thrive. Conversely, the opposite can be true as well –when we purchase from companies that don’t support that idea, we are voting for them to continue their ways too.”

The director and producer Richard Yelland says “I’ve been fortunate with my work to witness the power of documentary and how film can change paradigms and even history. My upcoming film, Seeding Change, is no doubt my most challenging in that it seeks solutions to the biggest problem humanity has ever faced, the climate crisis. However, there is a beautifully simple solution right at our fingertips. Empowering consumers to purchase from those companies that have solutions built into their business models is how we can make immediate and positive change for our planet.”

Like the previous leasing arrangement the Library had with RoCo Films, the approximately one hour-long film will be available to the Library’s people to view on their own at home anytime over the course of a weekend. The chosen time is very soon after the film’s release and will be noon Friday May 7 through noon on Monday May 10. 

Thanks to generous grant funds, the Library is able to offer this film, free of charge to our patrons. To be allowed to log onto the film site, people should email the Library at whpl_mail@clamsnet.org and request access to “Seeding Change”. Librarians will return email with the login credentials the day the screening begins.  People with questions are encouraged to call the Library at 508-548-8961.