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Captain Steven Wagner, retired Master Mariner, will be teaching the next session of Winter Craft Workshops at the Woods Hole Public Library. Over the past few years of the workshops, Steve has taught knot tying, both plain and fancy. This year he will be returning to the basics, teaching at least six knots that everyone should know, especially those who go out on the water. The list includes, of course, square knots, half-hitches and clove hitches, and the bowline. Also included will be the overhand, figure eight, sheet bend, and the round turn. As always, variants on these knots will be discussed.

Already one racing skipper has signed up her whole crew for this session. Others are encouraged to call the Library at 508-548-8961 to register for the program, which is free and open to the public. It will be held in the small meeting room in the lower level of the Library which is accessed on the right side of the building and is handicapped accessible.

To register, call the Library at 508-548-8961.