Letter from our Membership Chair

December 2016

Dear Library Members and Friends,

With fall in full swing and winter upon us, the maturing monarch butter ies that have been nurtured over the summer by the Library staff have been banded, feted, and released in the hope of riding a favorable wind toward their distant southern destinations.

Their dispersal is a timely reminder of how many of YOU, our friends and members, are seasonal users of the Library, and come September, have scattered in so many directions, and brings to mind another remarkable aspect of our Woods Hole Library community. There are a signi cant number of you who may only be in Woods Hole for several weeks or months of the year but continue to faithfully support the Library and its array of services and programs. At the other end of the member spectrum are those whom we see almost daily year round, and who also generously support this amazing community resource in so many ways.

As most of you know by now, our members, friends, and patrons are essential to the overall well-being of the Woods Hole Library. Your membership and additional gifts provide 27% of the Library’s operating budget. Your participation in successful annual Library events like the plant and book sales, accessory, yarn, and fabric sales; and attendance at concerts and National Theater Live productions provides another whopping 20% of the budget! It is truly through your caring and generosity that the Library pays its bills, maintains its superb staff, keeps its collections stimulating and current, and remains open six days a week throughout the year.

We move forward with several major projects for the coming year: the much needed repointing and repair of the exterior masonry, the removal and replacement of foundation plantings, and the continuing growth of the endowed Library Director’s Fund. We are also seeking to expand our cadre of volunteers, with all sorts of opportunities available for you to apply your experience, passions, and interests.

If you have already renewed your membership, we thank you heartfully. If you have not yet renewed your Library membership, please do. If you would like to give a membership as a gift, we encourage you! If you are able to make an additional year-end gift, we pledge to apply it judiciously for the bene t of all.

On December 7 from 5:30 to 7 pm, please join us for the annual holiday party and pottery raf e. Come with friends, family, and neighbors to share some great food and music and to celebrate the Woods Hole Library and all who love it!

Keep reading, keep growing, and we thank you! Most sincerely,

Laurie Raymond, Membership Chair WHPL

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